Want to turn your side hustle into a profitable business earning
6+ figures annually?

Calling all 

In this course you will learn THE TIPS, TRICKS AND SYSTEMS that transformed me into a profitable brand designer.


graphic design freelancers!

She strategized, designed & created the life she loves.

The Profitable Brand Designer is a self-paced course designed to help you grow your design business to 6+ figures a year, make the shift from freelancer to CEO, and attract higher-end, more profitable clients. 

And you know in order to change that you need to:

This course is for you if you:

Invest time on improving your own branding and business processes.
Figure out your passion projects to avoid working with clients that don't align with your business strengths.
Learn how to market your business appropriately and speak to your ideal clients.
Learn to up-level your offerings to
charge more.
Learn about software and programs that will streamline your projects.
Stop daydreaming and start doing... Take action TODAY to becoming a profitable brand designer!
Are a talented, freelance graphic designer wanting to get more out of your business, meaning you are:
  • Tired of taking on small projects, overworking yourself and not getting paid your worth.
  • Wanting to increase the quality of your client base by attracting clients with larger budgets, positioning your business as the premium option. 
  • Ready to make 6+ figures doing what you love!
Need help with the “business” side of your business, since we all know this is something we don’t learn in art school.
Are overwhelmed and unsure of how to streamline your projects and services.
Are motivated to put in the work to get your business where it needs to be... PROFITABLE!
Have ever completed a project realizing you undercharged, leaving you with a sense of resentment - finding yourself trapped, feeling unable to increase your prices due to the fear of losing potential quality clients.
Are constantly prioritizing other people's businesses over your own. Finding yourself trapped in a never-ending cycle of burning the midnight oil, feeling exhausted, and lacking creativity. As a result, never finding time to focus on building or marketing your own business.
Are constantly reinventing the wheel for each proposal and project without a clear strategy. 
Feel you have “imposter syndrome.” You think you might be able to charge more, but unsure about pricing strategies and still want to have competitive rates.
Are tired of soul-sucking clients who leave no time for building up your own business.
Rely on hourly pay and lacking alternative options if client demand decreases.

Learn from someone who has figured it out!


I’m Kim Russo, and I understand exactly how you’re feeling because I’ve been in your shoes.

I’ve always been creative with an entrepreneurial spirit. I knew when I went to art school at the Fashion Institute of Technology that I never wanted to be a starving artist, so I decided to join the digital world of graphic design. I lived in NYC for over 15 years, working with large design firms and having the opportunity to work with major brands like Gillette Razors, Huggies Diapers, Duane Reade. Bird’s Eye, Kleenex, Crest, Tide, Sephora, Clinique, Wawa, Milk Bone, and Vigaro to name a few. 

Through these experiences, I learned a lot, but I realized that a 9-5 corporate job just wasn’t for me and I was ready to fulfill my dream of starting my own design agency. So, in 2018, On Brand Designs was born. 

The first two years of owning my own business was not easy. I was taking in whatever work I could get - didn’t matter what it was - and I was doing it all by myself. I never took a day off and dedicated myself to growing this business at all hours of the day, doing whatever it took to make it work. 

Every once in a while, I had time to daydream about the future of my business, usually on road trips with my boyfriend. I would talk about how I wanted my business to grow - I wanted to make more money, find better clients, and hire team members so that I could maybe, just maybe, take some time off for the first time in years. There was just one problem - I went to school for art design, not business. I had no clue where to start or how to bring this dream to reality. 

I knew the only way would be to learn from others. I decided to invest in my business by signing up for courses and hiring business coaches to help guide me. This was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and my business! I learned all the tools and systems to help me transition from freelancer to CEO of a design agency. 

Hey, I'm Kim

Streamlined my sales flow to provide the highest level of service for my clients

Have more time to work on big picture projects and plan for future growth

Have dependable team members to help with projects so that we’re able to bring in more work (and who allow me to TAKE TIME OFF!)

Now I...

Own a 6+ figure design business

Attract the kinds of clients I want - the ones who have larger budgets


some kind words

I condensed and simplified everything I have learned into The Profitable Brand Designer course to share my business knowledge with other brand designers aspiring to grow their own businesses. It can be hard trying to figure out what to do next or where to start, but my course gives you all the answers in one place.

The Profitable Brand Designer!


Here’s what I will teach you in The Profitable Brand Designer

How to market your business, build your reputation, and bring in the clients you want!

Marketing + Networking

How to shift your mindset and change your habits. Your mindset is one of the most important things when shifting from freelancer to CEO. 






My brand strategy process and deliverables I use to up-level my offerings so that I am able to charge more.

Foundation / Strategy 



Discover (or rediscover) your own brand. Make updates that will attract the types of clients you want - not the ones you have. From your portfolio to your web presence, the way you present your business reflects the work you’ll create for your clients.

Brand Revamp



Creating a brand and not just a logo. I show you how I build brand guidelines to up-level my offerings so that I am able to charge more. How to stand out with your social media presence and build your personal brand.

The Up-level



Getting to know your ideal clients and how to connect with them. Narrow down your niche! 

Client Avatar



The best systems and software to guide your clients through the sales process - from first interactions to final product presentation. 





Here’s how it works:

The course contains 7 modules, which you can complete at your own pace, plus bonus content. We recommend one module per week to get through the course in a quick 7-8 weeks, but allow yourself time to absorb the knowledge and complete the homework assignments to ensure your implementing successfully.

You will complete worksheets and/or have small projects to complete for each module, ensuring you are progressing and understanding along the way.
You’ll also get tutorials & discount links for our favorite systems and softwares.

We will meet for group calls to discuss what you’re learning, what you have questions about, and/or to get feedback (once a month).

You will have access to our private Facebook group to ask me questions and chat with each other to provide and receive feedback. I recommend linking up with an accountability partner in the group to help encourage each other.

If you prefer 1:1 coaching, the VIP option includes:

4 - 1 hour long private sessions

Customized insight for your business

Tutorials and extra support on software and programs

Art direction and feedback on design projects 


Bonus #7

Podcast pitch tips and tricks.

Bonus #1

My questionnaire template that I ask all of my clients to fill out. This helps me get to know them better and helps in the strategy process.

Bonus #2

My pricing guide so you can take the guesswork out of pricing packages and proposal formatting.

Bonus #3

My client contract template. Contracts are SO important and necessary to protect you and your business and ensure there are clear standards and payment plans set.


Bonus #4

My employee non-compete contract for when you’re ready to hire a team.

Bonus #5

My single and multi-page brand guideline templates (via an InDesign file), which you can use for your brand as well as your clients to up-level their brand package.

Bonus #6

Showit Tutorial on my personal brands website, On Brand Designs.

$145 value

$155 value

$145 value

$75 value

$75 value

$1,250 value

$499 value

Thanks so much for your help and guidance ❤️ feeling very motivated and inspired! Ready to get to work! So grateful for your expertise!

~ Carrie M.

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JOIN NOW $1,500

Embracing self-investment for both yourself and your business will lead to a profound transformation.

Course Value - $4,365

1x Month Lifetime Group Coaching Call - $5,000 per year

Bonuses - $2,344

Without complete confidence in your design skills, attaining profitability and sustainable business success can become an arduous challenge.

However, fear not! The Profitable Brand Designer course offers a comprehensive package of lessons, worksheets, prompts, and a supportive community that will accelerate your path to attracting ideal clients, maintaining a consistent booking schedule, and elevating your prices.

Rest assured, we meticulously crafted this course to be a worthwhile investment for your design business, with the potential for a substantial return – doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your Profits.

The VIP upgrade is a must! Every session with Kim was a personalized master class and helped me close my first 5-figure month!


Kate Harrison


To be a confident, secure business owner making 6+ figures

To be able to hire a team to help with the administrative tasks you hate

To work with high-end clients of your choice on more profitable projects

To be the premium, go-to option for your design specialty

To finally ditch your soul-sucking clients who can’t afford you

to be paid your worth

To prioritize yourself and your business above other's needs

Grow your business to the point of taking those spontaneous trips & dream vacations we all deserve (yes, it’s possible!)

To never worry about your next paycheck again

JOIN NOW $1,500