Branding is one of the most important investments you can make for your business. Your logo, website, and overall visual presentation create a first impression for your clients that can be positive…or negative. A cohesive brand strategy helps you stand out from your competitors and establish your company as the go-to in your industry. From just a glimpse at your brand’s personality, customers know exactly what to expect from you as a provider. Of course you already know this, or you wouldn’t be taking this important step towards creating the perfect brand identity! With the OBD VIP Day, you will have my undivided attention as we dive into your company’s mission, values, and specialties to establish branding and messaging that is unique and perfectly tailored to you.

1-day STRATEGY planning

Designer Brand

I need it all, please!



You're a doer + go-getter who wants to get it done — with all of the same quality and none of the back-and-forth of a typical design project.


You need your brand built from the ground up with content writing and design services so you can start doing what you do best.


Sometimes, you just need something done “ASAP” and thinking about it gives you anxiety.


You have a business to run and a life to live, so it’s not always easy to make time for design.

You need this because...

Space is very limited for this level of VIP day as I only accept 1 or 2 of these a month. Book your consult with me today to determine if this is a good fit and to get your VIP day scheduled.


Messaging!!! I team up with a creative copywriter upfront to write your brand story and home page copy

A Full strategic planning day with me in-person in downtown charleston, SC or virtual 

A FULL Brand DESIGNED and developed: vision board, IDENTITY/logo, full brand guidelines, collateral, and website within 4 weeks of strategy day


What's Included?

Let's get this done!

I'm ready to COLLABORATE!

DBE: 3 PAYMENTS of $5,000

What will be done in our strategy day?

Goal planning & Celebrate!

One major benefit of our VIP Day Experience is that it's personalized and eliminates the weeks of back-and-forth that often happens when working with an agency. Doing the majority of work in one day allows us to get you a beautiful brand sooner, and in-turn allows you to start bringing in new clients that much faster.

By now, we’ve really established the direction we’re heading with your brand. Now, we can discuss what other items you’re going to need. 

We will discuss at happy hour with a drink on me to celebrate the day and upcoming launch of your new or upgraded brand graphics!

Messaging & Vision board

We’ll start our day with some coffee (of course) and by diving right into the brand messaging.

Taking a break from messaging, we’ll then take a look at the vision boards and logo inspiration I will have ready to be sure we’re on the same page regarding your brand’s appearance and that it aligns with our shiny new brand messaging. We will also review some of your competitor’s logos and chat about how we can make yours stand out and speak directly to your target audience. We will hone in on the small details by establishing a color palette and looking at different font options to see what speaks to you. To add to our vision board before I start working on your logo, we will do a Pinterest/web search to discuss other ideas and do some additional research on your target audience.

Website planning & Photography

After finalizing everything with the messaging, we will get back onto our computers to take a look at the homepage template for your website. We’ll discuss what other pages you need on the site to create an outline. We will look at different elements to determine your likes and dislikes. If needed, we can check out other websites for inspiration, and of course, look at your competitors’ sites to ensure you will stand out not only with your awesome logo, but with your clean and professional website. We will also discuss photography. If you already have professional photography, that’s great! We’ll go through your library and pick out our favorite photos for the website.

If you don’t already have professional photography, we will discuss its importance and put together a shot list that you can provide to a photographer in the near future. Keep in mind, photography is very important for the appearance of your website, so the sooner we can get these photos done, the better! 


Good news – I will be providing lunch! During our working lunch, we’ll put the computers away and check out some print-outs I will have of the website homepage copy. Since we already discussed the messaging guide at the beginning of our day, we’ll take a look at every sentence written for your website and mark up our papers with how to make it stand out and flow with the design.

JUST A NOTE: If you choose the virtual route, we will still have just as much fun collaborating together!

To help us get to know you, your brand, and your expectations a little better, we will ask that you fill out a questionnaire to help get to know your business and its most important values.

WITHIN 24 hours

The day is finally here! I will spend this time working on the projects we’ve discussed. I will ask that you be available during the day as I may need your feedback as I progress through the deliverables.


The Process

After you contact OBD about booking a VIP Day, we will send over a brochure outlining your deliverables as well as a contract. Getting the paperwork out of the way first off will allow the focus to remain on your branding projects from here on out!


Now that we’ve had so much valuable time together, I know exactly what you want out of your branding and messaging. I will complete all of your deliverables within 3-4 weeks of the DBE day. Then its launch day, Yay! 


When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll find a date that works well for us both to schedule your VIP Day. A 50% deposit is required upon booking.


We know you already took time to fill out our questionnaire (thank you!), but this call will give us a chance to review and go a little more in-depth on your project(s). We will also set a folder for you to submit your design punch list along with any copy, graphics, images, or necessary information, giving me time to look over everything.


Don’t forget, payment is due in full by the day before your VIP Day!


I'm your branding bestie: someone who gets to know you, your business and your vision. I listen to your needs, collaborate throughout the process and make sure your company's personality shines through in everything we do together.

You. Visionary. Connected, trusted, and ready to make magic. You’re ready for this next level. You know it— and I can help you see it.


Why Kim?

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