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From Solo Entrepreneur to Supportive Duo: Our Entrepreneurial Journey

Embarking on the entrepreneurial path was never a journey I imagined taking alone, yet for the longest time, that’s precisely what it felt like. Starting from scratch, with no calendar and a world of uncertainty, I had a burning desire to elevate my business to new heights. 

My name is Kim Russo, founder of On Brand Designs and creator of the Profitable Brand Designer course. But who would have thought that my journey towards achieving my dreams would lead me to not only business success but also to finding my partner in all things, Jeremy?

The Beginning of Something More

I met Jeremy in what some might call a twist of fate. Our paths crossed at a networking event in Charleston, a place known for its charm and, ironically, a daunting dating scene. Yet, amidst the sea of possibilities, Jeremy stood out. He was the handsome man I had been hoping the universe would send my way. Little did I know he would become so much more than that.

We quickly discovered a shared passion for entrepreneurship and a mutual understanding of the struggles that come with it. Jeremy, with his infectious enthusiasm and co-hosting prowess, joined me on a mission. Together, we began creating a platform where we could share our experiences and insights, helping other entrepreneurs realize that they do not have to walk this path alone.

More Than Just Business

As we navigated the early days of our relationship, we realized that our bond was built on more than just business aspirations. It was grounded in mutual respect, shared goals, and an unwavering support system that allowed both of us to thrive.

Despite being staunchly independent individuals, we found comfort in each other’s presence, learning and growing together both personally and professionally. Jeremy’s support helped me channel my drive and dedication into not only my business but also into understanding the importance of self-care and balance.

Building an Empire Together

Early on, we made a conscious decision to share our lives openly, hoping to inspire others through our podcast. From discussing the practical aspects of running a business to personal growth, health, and wellness, our goal has been to create a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

The she-shed project, a fun endeavor we took on together, symbolizes not just our commitment to supporting each other’s professional endeavors but also the importance of having a personal space to foster creativity and productivity. It serves as a reminder that achieving a healthy work-life balance is not only possible but essential for long-term success and happiness.

Gratitude and Growth

As I think back on our journey, my heart is full of gratitude. Gratitude for the chance encounter that brought Jeremy into my life, for the laughter and challenges we’ve shared, and for the unwavering support that has propelled us forward. Together, we’ve learned that growth, both personal and professional, is a continuous journey—one that’s best navigated with a partner who shares your vision and values.

Looking Ahead

As we continue on this adventure together, we are excited to share more stories, insights, and lessons learned along the way. Our hope is that through our blog, we can inspire others to pursue their passions, build supportive relationships, and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

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Here’s to your success, and remember — we’re in this together. 💼🎨✨

Until next time, keep designing and dreaming big!

~ Kim (and Jeremy)

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